The Photographer of Mathausen, Macarena Gómez’s second and final feature film to be released this year, will hit the big screen on October 26. Starring Mario Casas, it is a historical film based on real events that took place during Nazi Germany.

The photographer who helped condemn Nazism

Francisco Boix (played by Mario Casas) is a Republican soldier who, after fighting in the Civil War, was captured in France by the Nazi army and imprisoned in the Mauthausen concentration centre.

There he is assigned to the photography laboratory. Work that allowed him, with the help of companions, to hide and extract negatives with images taken in the enclosure. With which to document before the world the atrocities that the Nazis committed in their interior.

After the fall of the regime, Boix was released despite having been played on many occasions.

And he became a key witness in the Nuremberg and Dachau trials against high Nazi officials. In which the images he had hidden were projected and which allowed much of what was happening there to be demonstrated.

Another film by Mar Targarona with Macarena Gómez

In The Photographer of Mathausen Macarena plays Dolores. A role that has not transcended much information. And that you will be able to discover on Friday 26 October in cinemas.