On August 23rd the voice of Macarena Gómez will return to the big screen. This time dubbing Zeta, one of the new characters from the movie Angry Birds 2 that will premiere in Spain on August 23rd.

Macarena Gómez once again dubs an animated character

This is the second time the actress gives her voice to an animated character. In 2017, she gave life to the Spanish version of Rebel in Emoji: The Movie, also produced by Sony Pictures.

In Angry Birds 2 will be the soul of Zeta, dubbed in English by comedian Leslie Jones. It’s a character that little is known about. It’s a bird that comes from a frozen island, from which she managed to escape by throwing ice balls with a cannon, as you can see in the trailer. Willing to conquer  Bird Island (the home of the angry birds) and Piggy Island, the home of their traditional enemies.

Zeta is one of the main antagonists of the new plot, in which pigs and birds must unite to defend themselves against new common enemies. Not only does Zeta want to endanger the life of the islands as it is known.

Will the classic characters be able to overcome this threat?

We’ll find out on 23 August.