Macarena Gómez keeps succeeding. After the good results of Shrew’s Nest, film starred by her that almost gives her the first Goya award, she’s now living the premiere of the new film Los héroes del mal.

Los héroes del mal, or violence against the violence

The film is about Aritz (Jorge Clemente, The Last Circus), Esteban (Emilio Palacios, B&B TV series) and Sara (Beatriz Sánchez Medina, La Tama). They are three social misfit teens who tired of always being victims of maltreatment and humiliation, decide to change their lifes. That’s how they chose to violetly adress to violent people and call themselves The harm heroes (Los héroes del mal). But they finally fall into a dark spiral that turns against them.

Los héroes del mal it’s a friendship, love, morals and violence story which shows that no matter how are things going, there are certain red lines that should never be crossed. Although you’re able to defend yourself from everyone… Who is going to defend from yourself?


Premiere in the Málaga Film Festival

Los héroes del mal is to be premiered in the official section of the Málaga Film Festival which will take place from 17th to 26th April.

This is not the first time that Mácarena Gómez appears in a film by Zoe Berriatúa. She also had a role in Epílogo and Quédate conmigo. The director has been going from festival to festival with his short films for years.

However, Los héroes del mal shares with Shrew’s Nest something else as well as Macarena Gómez. This feature film is also produced by Álex de la Iglesia.


Cartel de la película Los héroes del mal

Poster of the movie Los héroes del mal