Macarena Gomez’s official website has been fully renewed after two years from the last major update. This new version mainly stands out for its responsive design, so it gets completely adapted to all devices. Furthermore, it offers more features such as a better social network integration.

Macarena Gómez’s new website

Loyal to the original design lines, black keeps being the background colour; white and pink repeat as text colours. And the big header photos are kept, of course. But more responsive than before.

Responsiveness is the main new feature of this new website. It means that the design gets adapted to all screen sizes. Until now, a little responsive design was used. However, it didn’t respect some standards and surfing the site from a smartphone was harder than now.

The content structure remains mainly untouched. But browsing it’s better than ever before thanks to the use of drop-down menus. Furthermore, switching between Spanish and English is easier and more useful than before. Right now, you directly go to the translated same page.

More social than ever

Sharing content in social networks from Macarena Gómez’s official website is currently easier than ever before. As you can appreciate, there are 4 new buttons in the left side of each page. They let anyone share the current page in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. However, this buttons are only visible from computers. Smartphone’s web browsers have better native sharing options.

An improved filmography

The section that has got more care is the filmography.

As Macarena Gómez keeps performing lots of new roles in different films and TV series, full-length films and short films have been separated. Also, the full movie can be watched in most of the short films’ details page.

New updates soon

These changes are just a first step in the web’s content update. During the following weeks, new full datasheets will be added in the filmography. More photos and press appearances will also be added. And, of course, the latest news will be posted.

Heading photo: Smoda.