Macarena Gómez will return to the big screen next October 4, with the premiere of El crack cero. A prequel to the mythical film El crack produced and directed by José Luis Garci and released 38 years ago.

A pre-school 4 decades later

The plot of El crack cero unfolds before the dark events in The Crack. Therefore, on this occasion, we can see a younger version of private investigator Germán Areta (now played by Carlos Santos) and Cárdenas “El Moro”, who is played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

On this occasion, the young Areta will have to investigate an alleged suicide. Of which the wife of the deceased, the famous tailor Narciso Benavides, suspects that it was actually a murder. Since the police show their refusal to investigate the case, as you can see below in the trailer, it is the investigator who begins to carry out the investigations. Which will lead him to find quite a few suspects.

Macarena Gómez repeats with José Luis Garci in El crack cero

It’s not the first time the filmmaker and the actress have worked together. They’ve already done it in Holmes and Watson. Madrid Days premiered in 2012.

More information about Macarena’s role in this film will be revealed over time.