When a series or film is being shot, the secrecy about the plots should be maximum. Like fans wanting to know what’s cooking months before we can see the results. Macarena Gomez is not to release garment (she never says more than she should), but sometimes she says something like in these mini interviews for various media. The theme, the 11th season of LQSA (La que se avecina), which began shooting in November.

Things between Javi and Lola will work out, as always

One of the unknowns about the character of Lola Reynolds is the future of her relationship with Javi (Antonio Pagudo). During the previous season, it was very tense and about to end. Although everything is possible, Macarena Gómez affirms that they are a “perennial couple” who “solve everything with a lot of love”.

Another unknown is the relationship with his new father-in-law, who is also his father-in-law. But as she says, for FórmulaTV, they tend to coincide little on stage. Of course, everything can change in season 11 of LQSA.

Lola finds a job

In another interview by La caja de música, Macarena Gómez reveals another important detail about her character. She can find work! Something that would undoubtedly improve his relationship with Javi.

What is the future of LQSA according to Macarena Gomez?

A series that takes 11 seasons (it is said fast) by nature suffers wear and tear. And one of the questions that many people ask about La que se avecina is, how long will it be possible to make scripts for the series?

In this interview for Vertele, Macarena admires the ability of screenwriters to continue creating new episodes. A tremendous capacity, considering that before these 11 seasons, the team created another 5 of Aquí no hay quien viva.