Last night the last chapter of the first web series in which Macarena Gómez appears was broadcasted. Dorien, produced forRTVE’s Playz portal, finished its 5-chapter series. It features Carolina Bang and Dani Muriel as co-stars.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Portrait in the era of social networks

As Javier and Kiko Prada (known as the Prada Brothers), who are responsible for the series, defend, rather than being an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s book, it takes its essence. And it takes it into the 21st century at a time when people with a rather tragic life pretend to live in fullness thanks to the mask of social networks.

The series itself contains a certain critique of the posture that dominates today. Appearing things that are not.

The story is about a young photographer who triumphs on social networks (played by Carolina Bang) and a journalist far from that world (Dani Muriel) who has to report on her.

In between, there are mysterious deaths of people who grow old suddenly before dying.

Dorien, available for free on Playz

If you want to watch Macarena Gómez (who plays the journalist’s wife) in Dorien, you can do it for free through her Playz page. Only available in Spanish.